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Personalized Glass & Crystal Bowls

Commemorate a retirement or an anniversary with a gift they'll love, choose a crystal or glass bowl and have it deep engraved with your logo or personalized message.  Personalized bowls are an excellent centerpiece for a company conference room or for your living room,  just add the custom logo or personalization to show your love.

This lead-free bowl is a great gift for anyone. Beautifully designed, this bowl is ideal for any occasion--even unexpected ones. Just add your favorite name, title, or even flower to add that final special touch and make your gift worthy of their attention
This lead-free crystalline bowl will add to any modern decorations in a household or office. The slick look of the flared edges adds a little poise to the bowl without overdoing it. Having the ability to look modern allows this bowl to travel to any room in your household while still looking appropriate.
A beautiful showpiece bowl will look good with anything in it, whether it's fruits or candy, it will always look elegant. The design of the curve shape adds a slight flare to spice up the office space, home, or kitchen. Personalized engravings allow this to turn from a simple bowl to a memorable one that you will cherish for years to come.
This bowl is unique compared to all others. With a square bottom, this bowl not only stands sturdier but looks incredible. Adding little cuts on the corners gives this bowl the illusion that it is anything but a circular bowl. Adding a personalized engraving only adds that second level of perfection.
This glass award bowl is hand-made by swirling hot glass together to form colorful wings. With this piercing blue, you can't miss this masterpiece sitting on a desk or cabinet. It isn't only chic but breathes fancy and classiness. This would look spectacular on anyone's desk who has well deserved this award. Adding a touch of your own handmade words with a personalized engravement adds an even bigger touch of pride to it.
The merging of hot glass and colors created this beautiful masterpiece of an award bowl. The indigo color goes perfectly with any room or office space. This trumpet shape creates more of a spectacle with this award, where it pulls everyone's eyes towards it in admiration. Imagine getting this award presented to you with your name, hand engraved on it, it would be an incredible moment.
This silver and gold glass bowl gives the illusion of raw metal, yet it still has the fanciness that glass offers. Combine this with a personal engraved message or name, and this award bowl couldn't get much better. This is perfect for the subtle expensive image, but without that big price dollar on it. Enjoy this in your office space for years to come.
This incredible gold-leafed award bowl will never cease to amaze you. The gold-rimmed bowl sits on a beautiful podium that glows in any type of lighting. Adding a touch of marble blend to this further brings out the rich colors used when making this. This needs to be in your space at home or the office!
A stunning art glass pedestal bowl with subtle gold leaf color combinations form a gift of exceptional beauty. A suitable gift to recognize an amazing career or other auspicious occasion. The black pedestal is custom engraved with your logo and personalization.
Show your appreciation to a retiring colleague, the men and women in blue, or a valued board member, with a custom engraved award style blue glass bowl. Your personalized message and organization's insignia will look incredible on this dazzling decorative award bowl that will be remembered and displayed with pride for years, if not decades.
A six-inch bowl with a sleek modern style and an unexpected twist. A decorative piece on its own, this bowl will be especially elegant when engraved with a personalized message or customized artwork, and even more spectacular when filled with flowers or other decorative items.
This lead-free bowl gives any special occasion a token of appreciation. Adding names, flowers, or even an award title can add that simple touch of endearment for the gift receiver.
This dramatic pedestal presentation bowl with a flowing design was created to accentuate your special engraving, whether it is an appreciation gift, retirement gift for managers or board members, or an accent piece for the lobby announcing 25 years of business success. Your logo will be deep engraved along with your custom text.
Choose a retirement gift you'll be proud to give. The Chaumont is a mouth blown bowl designed to accentuate your inscription or logo. It's spacious design lends itself to create a custom engraved retirement gift that will truly be cherished. Available in 3 sizes, work with our artists to create a special gift.
This classic lead crystal bowl embodies a sense of luxury and style, with its deep geometric designs circling the bowl and the detail of the footed base. Created specifically to honor the recipient or organization by providing the perfect area on the front of the bowl for custom artwork, logo, and personalized text. Additional engraving area is available along the rim of the bowl.
Stay current with these cosmopolitan bowls. Made with non-lead crystal, each bowl has steep raised sides for a contemporary look. These asymmetrical bowls are perfect for entertaining guests with a modern playful twist. For best results, place your custom engraving on the reverse back side to proudly display your artwork of choice.
Tantalizing blue and white swirls make this a one of a kind presentation bowl. The flowing colors and design will draw everyone's eyes to this unique piece. A fantastic gift to honor a beloved retiree or to celebrate the accomplishments of a team member. Your logo and custom message will be deep engraved into the thick optic crystal base.
A spectacular glass rose bowl with the world's continents etched all around can be deep engraved to recognize the retirement of a worldwide executive or to indicate the travel plans of the newly retired person. Or simply to wish someone a very happy birthday, you decide what to say, we'll engrave it.
Our Personalized Engraved Bowls are the ideal thank you gift for anyone looking for something that really shows their appreciation. These bowls are great for birthdays, graduations, and corporate gifts. The engraved design on each bowl is fully customizable and will be sure to impress anyone who receives one!
Recognize a tremendous leader in your organization with a stunning art glass pedestal presentation bowl colored with dramatic purple hues. An excellent gift for board members, a president, or for anyone whose excellence is being celebrated. Your custom message, logo, or custom artwork will be deep engraved into the optic crystal base.
These traditional 24% full-lead crystal bowls come in three sizes perfect for any occasion. Hand cut designs are striking against the custom engraved design of your choice. As a wedding present these bowls are a beautiful reminder of the most memorable day of their lives.
Striking art glass award bowl with inspiring orange and yellow colors. The wide bowl on top of a clear optic crystal pedestal creates a piece that is to be admired and cherished. Your custom message, words of praise, or simply your logo can be engraved on the stepped optic crystal base.
Radiant, iridescent, red presentation bowl with contemporary design was created to accentuate your special engraving, whether it is an appreciation gift, retirement gift for a board member, or an accent piece for the lobby announcing 35 years of business success, this eye catching piece will draw everyone's attention. Your logo will be deep engraved along with your custom text deep into the optic crystal base
Whether you are celebrating a company anniversary or 50th wedding anniversary, this mouth blown centerpiece bowl engraved with the couple's name, anniversary date, and your best wishes, or a company logo and years in business, will make a statement. This will become the center piece for their party and for years to come as they look back on this grand day.
The simplicity of the Philia is complimented by its non-lead crystal material. The modest base allows freedom in the design of the engraving. This bowl won't compete with any artwork- bring in design from our own artwork or create your own. The brilliant crystal will bring any engraving to unmatched beauty.
This delightfully charming glass candy bowl with a lid is a thoughtful gift to show your appreciation, best wishes, or a heartfelt thanks. Have the lid or sides of the bowl deep engraved with your company logo, custom artwork, or personalization. A gift that will be a constant reminder of your thoughtfulness.
Translucent azure, blue, and topaz fused art glass are combined to create a dazzling handcrafted presentation bowl. The mesmerizing artistic effects created in this impressive piece showcase the skill, not only of the craftsmen, but also the accomplishments of the recipient. Your custom message and artwork will be deep engraved into the thick optic crystal base making this a one of a kind gift.
This crystal bowl with a modern sleek design and uplifting corners looks great when engraved to celebrate a wedding, company anniversary, or just to show your appreciation to a great person. Non-lead crystal over 9" in diameter and stands over 4" high.
This slanted crystal bowl with a unique modern design, is perfect for engraving your special message and custom artwork deep into the crystal. An excellent gift to commemorate any special occasion or company event.
Wouldn't this delightful crystal bowl engraved with your logo or birthday greetings be the perfect way to celebrate a friend's special birthday, wedding anniversary, or company event? We'll help you create a design that will add special meaning to this interesting gift.
This rectangle shaped crystal bowl with thick concave sides can be deep etched with your company logo or any custom artwork. Well suited as an anniversary or graduation gift for any special occasion.
Deep brilliant cuts surround this heavy full-lead crystal bowl, accentuating the smooth front panel where your custom logo or personalized message can be deep engraved per your specific instructions. A fantastic anniversary or appreciation gift to retirees and outgoing board members.
This magnificent crystal bowl with deep hand-cut designs perfectly emphasizes your company logo, the appreciation of a valued team member, or the gratefulness for board members and their service. Add hearts, a couple's names, and date to create a beautiful anniversary gift.
Shimmering metallic black colors give this handsome art glass award bowl a magical quality, which creates the perfect exceptional gift to recognize excellence in your company or organization. Our master engravers will deep engrave your specific words and logo into the crystal base creating a memorable conversation piece.
A delightful gift your for your girlfriend's or wife's birthday, or a friends anniversary, or wedding present. This 5.5 inch tall heart shaped bowl can be engraved on the sides with a few lines of text, custom artwork, or one of our house designs. The crystal bowl is perfect for holding candy, trinkets, or candles.
This engraved bowl will receive rave reviews from all who see it, especially when it is personalized just for you. The shallow bowl sits gracefully on a thick pedestal with a festive bubble. The perfect center piece to display fruit or your special sweets. Add a touch of beauty to any dinner table or conference room.
This captivating sea-foam blue art glass award bowl is designed specifically for your special event. Whether it is an appreciation gift, retirement gift, an anniversary gift, or a milestone gift announcing 25 years of business success. Your logo will be engraved along with your custom text deep into the thick optic crystal base.
This classic optic crystal bowl with deep hand cuts in a medallion and criss-cross pattern circling the bowl has a smooth area in the front perfect for engraving your anniversary wishes or adding a company logo. A gift that is perfect for special occasions like retirement or other milestones.
"Every Bowl recreates the act of cupping one's hands, in greeting or in gratitude"-this quote from R. Rorke explains perfectly why giving a bowl for a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, is so well received, especially when it is as beautiful as this one. Customized with your special message it will be a treasured gift for all to admire.
Proudly display this Quatro Imported Glass bowl wherever it sits. Each side of this square glass bowl is hand-crafted to perfection. Give this bowl as a retirement gift for those who served the company with extraordinary grace. Personalize this iridescent gift with the company's logo or anniversary date.
Special birthdays deserve special gifts- there's nothing like a personalized engraved gift to make the event even more memorable.
This elegant presentation bowl in 24% lead crystal bowls has deep cut designs around the rim to add a touch of detail. Customize this bowl with an award title to honor those who have excelled above and beyond.
What better way is there to honor an achievement such as graduating from nursing school or being recognized for your outstanding work, than with a custom message deep engraved into the sparkling glass for all to see and admire. This glass bowl is the prefect accent piece that will always look beautiful and remind you of your success.
Sharp lines accentuate the fluidity in the 24% lead Crystal bowl. The rectangular shape is a surprising twist on a plain-jane bowl. The clarity of this bowl can be complimented with a custom design artwork or company logo. Placed in any conference room or office, its subtly invokes luxury.
Establish yourself in your career with these Harmonia crystal bowls. The thick non-lead crystal conveys a level of sophistication achieved over many years of experience. Engrave with a company logo or college emblem. Perfect for recent graduates or those entering their career field.
Every retiree deserves a parting gift from their company. Transition from a career in the office to a relaxed home office with this heavy crystal square shaped bowl. Perfect as a retirement gift to commemorate the time well spent in the office. Engrave with a company logo by our expert engravers. This gift will gleam proudly on the desk and will last for years to come.
Get right to the point with the Sonoma. The Sonoma is artfully constructed with hand-blown glass with expert precision. The straight edges effortlessly complement the glass detailing in this low bowl. This simple bowl exudes sophistication. Engrave with a company logo to add a personal touch to this straightforward bowl.
Try a fresh take on display bowls with this non-lead crystal bowl hand crafted in Europe. The unique triangle shape and heavy glass create a truly original piece. Placed in a conference room it adds an unexpected take on a classic design. Engrave with a company logo or personalized message for a customized look.
Every guest is sure to be amazed by this mouth-blown glass dip and chip bowl! The heavy glass design is sturdy enough for frequent use. Engraved with a personal inscription or favorite sports team logo by our expert engravers. This gift won't sit in the cabinet for long and it's sure to be a fan favorite!
Recognize those individuals and organizations who have excelled and accomplished greatness with a fine glass gift. The effortless simplicity of the gently sloped sides compliments the heavy glass. Combine this with one of the designs in the drop down menu and your personalized text to create a unique gift
The Hermes crystal bowl is meticulously detailed with hand cut criss-cross designs and a decorative edge. The sparkling crystal and beautiful design elevate this classic bowl to a romantic design. Perfect as an anniversary or wedding present. Three different sizes can be engraved to celebrate each milestone!
Deep intricate cuts in this 24% lead Crystal bowl show attention to detail and design in the Kelly bowls. Available in three sizes for any event or occasion. Showcase your company with a custom engraving to make a lasting impression. Placed in any office, the bowl will echo sophistication.
The Revere pedestal bowl is a modern take on the classic trophy bowl. Handcrafted non-lead crystal can be engraved to acknowledge those who have excelled in your company. Perfect for company awards, they can be used to commemorate first, second and third place. The flawless design will reflect your company well.
The Acclaim is a lead crystal bowl with classic hand cut diamond shaped designs. Available in three sizes, each can be engraved with an inscription along the tops of the bowls for a delicate detail, or along the sides as a more traditional placement. These mouth blown bowls are perfect as an anniversary gift or as a company gift.
The Boston Nappy Bowl is a small bowl perfect as a token of appreciation. The heavy sculpted base made from non-lead crystal creates an illusion of size. The sparkling crystal can be deep engraved with a personal message company logo for any occasion.
Distinguish your company with these dignified full lead crystal bowls. Decorated with deep cut panels surrounding the base, reserve these as gifts for your most esteemed clients. Set yourself apart from the competition with these handsome bowls engraved with your company's logo.
This clear glass and shallow bowl is an unexpected detail that will draw attention to any office or home. Deep engrave with a custom artwork or logo to create a personal touch. The asymmetrical sides are a modern facet which will remain timeless for years to come
This faceted crystal bowl is perfect as an accessory to any man-cave. The handsome deep cuts are an elegant and sophisticated touch. Custom engrave this bowl with a favorite sports team logo or a monogram to add personality. Placed among your bar station this bowl is a classic.
Titled after an orchestra quartet, these mouth blown glass bowls have four flared sides which stand out individually and work together for a captivating appearance. Each balances the other for an eccentric style. Engrave for a birthday or anniversary present for a standout piece.
Made with hand-blown non-lead crystal, the Virginia has three scroll feet which compliment the bowls sleek design. The delicate design compliments the iridescent crystal work that gleams in the light. Engrave with an anniversary date or personal artwork for a customized addition.
The Manhattan- a sophisticated 24% lead crystal bowl with a cut bottom- a classic when engraved with a company's logo or mantra. Filled with candy, this is a perfect way to guarantee a great first impression, whether greeting clients at the office or as a thank you gift!
This hand cut and hand-blown glass bowl has the World's landmasses etched gracefully around the bowl. Each bowl sits on a large pedestal which allows plenty of space for a customized inscription or company logo. Given as a special award, the recipient will likely think the world of you!
This classic Revere bowl is deep cut with elegant designs in heavy glass. Perfect for any holiday gift, this bowl comes adorned with a festive garland trim. Personalize this brilliant cut bowl with a custom engraving with a message to celebrate the holidays for retirees or wedding anniversaries.
The Melody Bowl is made with mouth blown glass which sits atop a clear pedestal base. The inverted pyramid shape at the base compliments the quality of the glass through its clarity. Engrave with a monogram or logo to create a personalized touch, as a gift it's sure to be a clear winner!
Show your appreciation this holiday season with this heavy non-lead crystal contemporary salad bowl. Perfect as a present for a mentor or teacher. Give it a personal touch with a custom inscription done by our expert engravers. Plenty of room for extravagant artwork, or celebrate simplicity with a small message.
Add a pop of color to any home or office with this heavy mouth blown glass bowl. This bowl warms any room with its rich amber hue. The thick glass style of the bowl is perfect for holding small trinkets or candies. The small engraving space compliments the size of the bowl and does not overpower the piece. Engrave with a company logo or personal monogram for a housewarming gift. This bowl proves good things come in small packages!

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