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Sailing Awards

Does Your Company have a Nautical Theme? Then Give personalized crystal and glass sailing & lighthouse awards, customized to recognize victories at sea, sailing into retirement, or just awarding the captain of your office.

Designed to honor Nasa's SLS Monster Rocket, this solid crystal rocket award stands over 18" tall and weighs about 15 lbs. This impressive rocket is the perfect award to recognize the rocket scientist on your team, the launch of a new product line or for awards in the space industry. Choose what you would like to engrave on the main rocket cylinder and on the crystal base. If you would like an additional dramatic touch add a LED wooden base that will light the rocket from the bottom.
Lighthouse awards are given to reward exemplary leadership across a wide range of industries and organizations. Recognizing excellence in education, the building and construction industries, port authorities, and even religious groups. Lighthouse awards are symbolic of the steadfastness and strength needed to get the job done. Such awards when engraved with personalized messages, logos or insignia are an honor to receive.
Sailing into Retirement? This might be the perfect award to recognize someone successful career at the helm. Engrave your personalized message and add in a company logo.
Reward your captain with a fine engraved crystal sailboat with two sails, one clear optic crystal and the other blue optic crystal. Personalize the award with your custom message and logo.
Find a unique Engraved Art Glass Sailboat Award to recognize the best in your organization. This 14inch high blue sail art glass award on a black base can be engraved with your custom message and logo
Looking for an engraved Sailboat award to reward your champion? This 10" tall Crystal Award deep engraved with your personalized message and logo would be perfect.
Clear sailing ahead with this fine award. Perfect for thanking a sailing coach or when your team sails through a perfect presentation and wins over a tough client. Engraved their names deep in the crystal sail for all to see.
The Crystal Lighthouse Award is an exquisite, optic crystal award that symbolizes the recipient’s dedication to your organization’s vision and excellence. It displays the success of your organization and symbolizes the importance of an individuals’s forward thinking, hard work, and talent which helps your company succeed. Personalize the base with their name and year of the accomplishment.

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