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Gigantic Awards

Really Big Engraved Crystal, Marble Awards and Wine Bottles

Designed to honor Nasa's SLS Monster Rocket, this solid crystal rocket award stands over 18" tall and weighs about 15 lbs. This impressive rocket is the perfect award to recognize the rocket scientist on your team, the launch of a new product line or for awards in the space industry. Choose what you would like to engrave on the main rocket cylinder and on the crystal base. If you would like an additional dramatic touch add a LED wooden base that will light the rocket from the bottom.
Who doesn’t love a pickup truck? If you own one, it’s probably your best friend, if you don’t you probably have a best friend who has a one. Pick up truck owners are always there to lend a helping hand. So why not give a gift that will bring a tear to their eye, a custom engraved crystal truck personalized just for them. A great holiday, birthday, company award or thank you gift
An impressive award to recognize scientists in research, academia, medicine, or the medical industry. This solid white and black crystal microscope was designed for those who have made large contributions to the scientific community. An excellent retirement gift to thank leaders for their years of work and dedication or a graduation gift for those just entering the scientific field with PhDs in biomedical research and other areas.
Recognize individuals who have provided outstanding contributions in industrial achievement, engineering, and invention with a distinctive award that represents the significance of their contribution, dedication, and commitment to excellence.
Give the prestigious winners of your world organization an award that will recognize their accomplishments, and look magnificent in a company lobby, conference room or executive office suite. This massive crystal globe spins effortlessly onto of a concave heavy crystal base. Company or Organization Logos will be engraved deep into the crystal base along with your words of congratulations and accolades of great success. The crystal globe is 8" in diameter and sits onto of a 6" pedestal.
Present the most talented sales people, managers, associates, architects, builders, or divisions with an award truly worthy of their vision, hard-work, and talent. This lighthouse award standing over 1.5 feet tall symbolizes the importance of their forwarding thinking in guiding your organization. Such a massive award not only congratulates the recipients, but it also symbolizes how their dedication to go above and beyond impacts the organization.
Has a branch of your company been leading the way for others to follow? Let everyone know about their success, by presenting them with a Huge Award to display in their reception area or meeting room. The tower portion of this crystal lighthouse is over 1.5 feet tall, when placed on the wooden base it stands over 21 inches tall. Engrave your company logo or words of congratulations on the smooth crystal tower, around the 5.5 inch diameter crystal base, and on the wooden base.
Looking for an impactful award to represent the talent and vision of the truly remarkable performers in your industry? Then present these lighthouse award winners with an award as incredible as they are. Give them a massive 18" high lighthouse award that they will be proud to display in their office, company board room or even the reception area. Engrave their name, logo, customized text on the smooth lighthouse tower and around the clear crystal base. On the blue crystal base there is add
Reward and recognized industry partners and clients for their vision and leadership in solving critical challenges with an award that is small only in comparison to their accomplishments. This 18" solid crystal lighthouse was designed to let everyone see the magnitude of these accomplishments, especially when it is place on a 7" solid crystal base. Engrave the company's name, name of the award received, year, and agency conferring the award on the smooth tower, crystal base of the lighthouse
"Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference" ~ this famous quote by Winston Churchill is the perfect thing to engrave on an award to reward an employee whose positive attitude improves not only her performance, but the performance of those around her. This solid optic crystal award with black optical crystal base will inspire all those who see it.

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The beautiful vase and gift box arrived on Wednesday evening just in time for our luncheon on Thursday, Nov 1st. We were all very pleased with the quality of your work and elegant presentation of this special gift for our friend. With much appreciation and warmest regards,
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